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Stephen C Small

“Make your life the subject of intense inquiry, in this way you will discover its goal, direction, and destiny

-Elder Small,  “Ankh em Maat”

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Up And Down To Victory, is an autobiography written pseudonymously as the names have been changed in telling what is a real life story of a Black man living in the United States of America. The book is written to accentuate humanity and the presence of divine and demonic entities in the lives of Black people struggling to live in America.

World bestsellers

You Deserve More

You Deserve More examines ancient and contemporary information concerning human consciousness, i.e., human life. The book works from the premise that human beings are spiritual beings incarnate in physical bodies and thus echoes the African proverb, “Truth is not simple, except to those who know everything.”

This book investigates teachings that date back 10s of thousands of years. The teachings include revelations from African culture and mythology, Indian mysticism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity. All of these spiritual institutions agree that the human heart-mind is the bridge that allows us to commune with our spiritual essence and, thus, experience the indelible unity, oneness, and interconnectedness that exist throughout all Creation.

The last section of the book contains an appendix that provides information about chakras, and meditation; as well as, breathing, and meditation exercises. You Deserve More lays the foundation for the book I am currently working on entitled, “Sabotage Of The Mind,” which we be out sometime in 2024.  Ase!

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Proof That Human Life Began In Africa
Like most people, especially Black people in the United States, I believed what the  Pastor and Sunday school teachers were teaching. I maturated through my teenage and young adult years believing that life began in the Garden of Eden and that the earth along with the first human beings (Adam and Eve) were created 6000 years ago.  What they did not teach was that in 1650; it was Archbishop...
Unity And Solidarity Are Not Ashamed Of The Truth
Are Black people created in the image and likeness of our Creator? If the answer is yes, then let us consider the implications of “double consciousness”. “Double consciousness,” as defined by W. E. B. Du Bois, “is looking at one’s self through the eyes of other.” Other is, America, i.e., white America and its contempt and maltreatment of Black people. White American culture is the source of modern-day...