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It Takes Strength For Black People To Survive

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Social Science And Barbarity

We live in an age of unprecedented human achievement.  Some of the achievements we can wear with honor and pride, while others we must learn from and never forget.  

Let’s take a moment and reflect on the thought that the modern-day Black person in America is a product of social engineering. 

In the founding days of America, White European Immigrants purchased, captured, or kidnapped Black people from Africa. Then, isolating them on American soil, whites stripped Black people of their humanity, destroyed all family ties, disallowed worldly possessions, and denied them personal freedom. 

Forced to work their lives away, while never receiving pay, blacks were assimilated into a sub-human, submissive, subservient race of people.

John Brown, a former slave when interviewed gave a detailed account of being indoctrinated into sub-humanism; “circles of iron, padlocks, rods, and bells were strapped around my chin, forehead, and neck. I wore the bells and horns day and night for three months.”  

Politicians and church leaders conspired with plantation owners and entrepreneurs to design ways to wrap iron around the necks, heads, waists, and limbs of black men and women.  Measurements were taken; the iron ornaments were fitted and re-fitted to fit perfectly. Blacksmiths and businessmen profited, as they invented ways to inflict pain, suffering, and lifelessness into the black psyche.

They designed several whips, but the bullwhip used on Black people unleashed devastating punishment. “The handle was about three feet long, with the butt-end filled with lead, and the lash waxed six or seven feet in length, made of cowhide, and platted wire on the end of it.” Mrs. Flint, for instance, “Her nerves were so strong that she could sit in her easy chair and see a woman whipped till the blood trickled from every stroke of the lash.” (Dwight N. Hopkins: Down, Up, And Over)

European white men and women used legal, political, social, educational, economic, and spiritual disenfranchisement to re-engineer black people into docile, destitute, disillusioned, dissociated domestic slaves.  And in doing so, Europeans rose from the status of immigrants to rich and powerful landowners.

Black people in America were engineered to acquiesce to the demands of Europeans. The Europeans, for a time, were successful in engineering a class of helpless and powerless people based on skin color.

Social Engineering Stigma

With the end of slavery, white Europeans navigated toward a slightly different expression of social engineering based on skin color.  Black people became the targets of terrorism campaigns organized by European police officers, prosecutors, and judges. They organized the Ku Klux Klan, who wore white robes as they went about terrorizing and killing Black people. 

The new breed of European Americans following slavery employed barbarian methods of social control in their quest to maintain dominance, privilege, and power over Black people.  They created norms that forced Black people to yield to subhuman standards ideology and racism.

Jim Crow was invented to foster social and cultural institutionalizing of norms that gave superior status to white-skinned people and inferior status to black-skinned people. 

Black-skinned people were given a few choices; submit to poverty and decay; take what we give you, confine yourselves to designated communities and drink, get high, party, rob, and steal from one another; and lastly, kill yourselves.

The Black community in America faced decades of disfunction as fathers free from the whip and degradation of slavery indulged a constant diet of alcohol, profanity, domestic abuse.  Mothers nurtured children in the art of tolerance and submission to their brutal, heavy-handed fathers. 

Whites manipulated society in a way that the communities of Black-skinned people were designed to become homes to predatory behavior, dehumanization, brutalization, violence, and inter-family-marginalization.

A small glimpse at the result; today 43% of black men 12 and older drink alcohol; 20% binge drink. Problems with alcohol and drugs are associated the negative social behavior, and pipelines to prison.

Including juveniles 2,311,200 black people are on prison plantations: 1,610, 584 adult males: 700,616 juveniles.

The black communities are working capital for prison plantations; as 60% of the prison plantation population in the United States consists of Black people. And in the southern states, 40.42 percent of the black male population lives on prison plantations. 

It’s one thing for Black Men to represent pipelines to prison plantations, but Black Families, in some instances, are pipelines to the prison plantation. Of all those locked up in prison, there are more Black males between the ages of 18 and 39 than any other race or group of people. 

In Georgia, 69.60 percent of black men on prison plantations are there because of drug or alcohol-related charges.  And 13% of these black men have parents or guardians with drug or alcohol histories.

Strategy And Movement/Black News

The above reflection on black socialization and engineering is but a small reflection of the strategy detailed in the white supremacist playbook.  Black people must plan!  There is a way to lift Black Life from the norms of white European social engineering.  

The plan must include social-economic components, community re-development, educational reform, political inclusion, police reform, judicial reform, and the revival of Black Spirituality. 

After four hundred years in America, the standard of black life is comparable to that of a Third World Nation.  White European culture works every day facilitated by the media, institutions of law, school curriculum, and manipulation of government resources and tax revenue to perpetuate a state of helplessness for black people. 

White Europeans, using the government, corporations, and the legal system leave no stone unturned to maintain 100 percent ownership and control of America’s wealth, power, and resources.

Therefore, blacks need to strategize for wealth integration, instead of race integration (race is a distraction).  Blacks must dismantle all the cleverly designed shackles, i.e, free the necks, hands, backs, legs, and psyche from European control devices (Modern Day Jim Crow).  

Black people must redesign blueprints for black neighborhoods and families. Blueprints must contain elements that lay and build upon strength and perseverance. Blacks must teach, thus, create leaders. Leadership must reflect the people, and the people reflect the leadership. Strong leaders bode for strong families and communities.  (Claud Anderson, Ed.D.: Black Labor, White Wealth)

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