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Meet The Author

Elder Small is the brainchild of Stephen C. Small, a passionate advocate for African culture and spirituality. With a deep love for literature and a commitment to promoting African heritage, Stephen founded Elder Small to provide a platform for individuals seeking to explore, learn, and engage with the diverse and vibrant world of African culture and spirituality.

About Stephen C. Small

If you are reading this reflection, thank you for your interest in my life, research, and writing. For over half a century, I found myself deeply immersed in European indoctrination, both mentally and spiritually. This indoctrination was perpetuated by religious doctrines, flawed educational systems, socioeconomic disparities, segregation, and racism. However, as time passed, my inner self began to sense that something was amiss, that there was more to life than what I had been taught and experienced.

My inner voice persisted, urging me towards knowledge, truth, and a new paradigm that would enable me to experience love for others and the world we inhabit. Thus, my journey towards enlightenment, spirituality, and the pursuit of making the world a better place commenced.

Having spent most of my early adulthood in the world of sales, I made a pivotal decision to leave behind the allure of wealth and materialism. Instead, I chose to delve into the profound exploration of good and evil, right and wrong. Additionally, I yearned to find evidence that would either substantiate or refute the existence of God.

With unwavering determination, I enrolled in seminary, embarking on a six-year journey as a full-time student. During this transformative period, I immersed myself in the prescribed curriculum, voraciously reading every required book and exploring those that were not listed on the syllabus.

This author’s journey is a testament to the pursuit of knowledge, the quest for spiritual awakening, and the unyielding commitment to understanding the profound questions that shape our existence.

Thank you for joining me on this quest for truth, enlightenment, and a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. Together, let us explore the paths less traveled, seeking answers to life’s most profound questions.

Stephen C Small
“Make your life the subject of intense inquiry, in this way you will discover its goal, direction, and destiny

-Elder Small,  “Ankh em Maat”